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Pippa is a small single-engined monoplane. She was the second aircraft to arrive at Harefield Airfield, and at first, teased Budgie and called him a yo-yo. (She called him a snail after overtaking him during the fast race.) After a race and several comparisons about who was the best, they both became firm friends. She enjoys helping out, and also loves using the heli-wash (as opposed to Budgie). She is voiced by Abigail MacVean.


Pippa has a peach-coloured face with tuft of blonde hair, cute eyes on both windows and a black snout. She wears makeup and a big pink-and-white polka dot hairbow. Her design is a green aeroplane with pink stripes.


Pippa is usually cheerful and giggles a lot, whatever it comes to Budgie's antics. However, she doesn't like it when Budgie gets a bit cocky to her when he has to go through the Heliwash (she loves going through the Heliwash but Budgie) or when Budgie gets into mischief. At times, Pippa does easily fret for Budgie's safety when he has to deliver a pregnant woman to hospital in a snowstorm, or when Budgie gets lost somewhere. In Blown Up, Let Down, she cried in tears after telling Del what happened to Budgie after she tricked him into thinking she has gone to America.

Pippa is always happy to see that the important thing is, that Budgie was safe and sound. She regularly looks up to Budgie from the day they first met. Her catchphrase was "Oh, Budgie!". She and Budgie is always quick to be full curiosity.

In Budgie The Little Helicopter: Singalong Stories and Songs, the song Pippa's Song explains that she always loves Budgie so much because they're both different aircraft's and they made a good team.

Episodes featured

Pippa has appeared in every episode of Budgie the Little Helicopter.


Pippa appears to be inspired by a Piper Warrior aircraft, designed for light taxi work. However, unlike her real-life basis, Pippa lacks a propeller, which is at the front of all Piper Warrior aircraft. This is likely because the animators would have had difficulty animated a moving propeller in front of Pippa's face. Despite this, Pippa can still be heard making sounds of a biplane whenever she flies.