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File:Pippa and Budgie chase after the truck in Dutch Dourage.jpgFile:Pippa and Budgie fell fast asleep.jpgFile:Pippa and Budgie having a 'slow race'..jpg
File:Pippa and Gloria in Slient Flight.jpgFile:Pippa being rescued by Budgie.jpgFile:Pippa cried in tears for losing Budgie in Blown Up Let Down.jpg
File:Pippa feeling sick in Skids Stunts and Soap.jpgFile:Pippa flew by the fisherman.jpgFile:Pippa flying over the Arctic in Flying in Arctic Circles.jpg
File:Pippa flying over the sea in Daydreams and Candy Floss.jpgFile:Pippa flying with Patsy in Skids, Stunts and Soap.jpgFile:Pippa get stuck in the snowdrift in Ice Work, Budgie.jpg
File:Pippa getting annoyed with Budgie.jpgFile:Pippa giggling at Budgie after he was called 'The Little Bird' by Chuck.jpgFile:Pippa in Season 3.jpg
File:Pippa is always happy to see Budgie.jpgFile:Pippa is always quick to giggle.jpgFile:Pippa laughing.jpg
File:Pippa laughing at Budgie for getting splashed by water.jpgFile:Pippa looking worried.jpgFile:Pippa loves flying.jpg
File:Pippa meets Budgie for the first time in Pippa Arrives.jpgFile:Pippa talking to Budgie on the radio in Budgie's Blizzard.jpgFile:Pippa will always fret for Budgie's safety.jpg
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