Season 1 (1994)

Pippa ArrivesPippa, the new arrival, comes to Harefield.
Chuck Comes UnstuckHarefield fete soon comes to Harefield.
Budgie's BlizzardBudgie gets trapped in a snowstorm after taking a pregnant woman to hospital when she is about to have her baby. Will Lionel and the other aircraft be able to rescue him?
Ice Work, BudgieThe next morning Budgie and friends set off for home but Budgie and Pippa spot skiers skiing on a slope they go down to have look as Lionel and Chuck head back to the airfield. A little while later Budgie lands on a snowy hill and slips on it.
Budgie Takes a CatchBudgie, Pippa and Lionel are delivering fish to an opening of a fish museum and Budgie goes off to look around but when he tries to find his way back he ends up getting lost. Can Lionel and Pippa find him in time?
The Air ShowBudgie gets helinapped by two crooks and his friends have to rescue him.
All At SeaBudgie is delivering space parts to a navy ship and has to spend the night on an aircraft carrier and accidentally falls overboard.
Boats, Boots and BudgieThe river overflows flooding the airport and a cow has to move to another field. Budgie however gets pretty much trapped himself. His tow line unravels and gets caught in some seaweed.The seaweed comes off its stalk and smacks into a rock and Budgie thinks it is a seamonster and thinks that it is attacking him.
Copters and RobbersBudgie accidenttly gets helinapped again by the two crooks his friends battled during the air show and doesn't know what to do. When he cries out for help Pippa and Chuck go to rescue him.
Daydreams and Candy FlossBudgie gets stuck on a broken roller coaster at the seaside and Pippa must try to do her best to help him.
Flying in Arctic CirclesBudgie takes a nap in a big hole in the Arctic Circle and Pippa wakes him up by warning him that the hole he is in is a volcano. Budgie looks down at the lava and tells Pippa that he is trapped. Pippa quickly radios Chuck and Lionel to come and rescue Budgie.
What's Bruin?In the arctic circle, Budgie is still trapped in the volcano and Lionel and Chuck rescue him.
Down on the FarmFarmer Hayes falls ill and is unable to do his daily chores, so the aircraft decide to join in but Budgie's engine overheats and it causes a fire putting Budgie in danger.

Season 2 (1995)

Budgie Sticks To ItWhile a new airport is getting built, Budgie decides to stick to it.
Skids, Stunts and SoapPasty makes a visit to Harefield.
Aliens Have LandedWhile Lionel is on a job, Budgie hears that aliens are invading them.
Who's A Clever Budgie?Chuck brings in loads of nuts from Brazil.
Blown Up, Let DownBudgie gets trapped in the sea when he runs out of fuel.
Wally Waddles InWally comes to Harefield.
The Balloon Goes UpA balloon festival is taking place near Harefield, but the balloon starts rising with the twins in it putting them in danger. Budgie tries to rescue them before the balloon gets away.
Surprise, SurpriseHeavy pipes fall on the heliwash, damaging it, while Mrs. Kitchen is baking a cake for Ken.
Deep SleepWally recounts his time of saving a man from a shark.
Bad News, Good NewsHarefield is about to be closed to be replaced by a factory. Budgie immediately gets into action to prevent it from happening.
Budgie Barges InBudgie and the other aircraft travel across to France.
Dutch CourageOn the way back from France, the aircraft have to drop a delivery off in Holland, but Budgie experiences a problem when he accidentally mistakes a windmill for a helicopter.
Budgie's Opening GoalThe new Harefield is opened and Budgie aids as the Minister for Airports.

Season 3 (1996)

Boom Boom BudgieBudgie tries to break the sound barrier.
Writers in the SkyChuck is towing a couple of kites through the air and he crashlands into a pond.
Double TroubleBudgie and Chuck discover that Pippa got replaced by a Double.
Eye in the SkyBudgie tasks as becoming a traffic helicopter for the day, but more trouble ensues in the process.
Chuck's BuddyBuddy has to put Budgie in charge for a day, which leads to a disaster.
The AqueductBudgie discovers that the water has disappeared.
Plane SillyBudgie has to search for Ben and Lucy's lost model airplane.
The Plane Who Cried WolfJasper has been constantly lying, so no one believes that he is in trouble. Budgie then comes to his aid.
The Runaway TrainJake is pulling the Royal Carriage and suddenly goes out of control on the track. Budgie goes out to stop him.
A Tail of WoeLionel damages his main rotors, when he tries to avoid Ben and Lucy's rabbits. Budgie sets out to find a new replacement before the twins find the rabbits.
Put Up or Stuck UpThe air museum has opened at Harefield and Budgie has to complete all his tasks on it.
Silent FlightThe aircraft set out to rescue some skiers stranded on a snowy mountain.
Ups & DownsChuck is punished by picking up all the rotten vegetables. Budgie is delivering pieces for a new bridge, but he soon spots two people trying to catch a dolphin and has to rescue a submarine.
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