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Budgie is the lead character of the show who is cheeky and troublesome. He lives and works at Harefield Airfield, and seems to be best friends with Pippa, who apparently has feelings for him, but he works hard too, and continuously tries to please Lionel. He will also bravely come to the assistance of people in danger. He dislikes going through the heli-wash, and avoids doing so whenever he can. A white teddy bear named Snowy can almost always be seen carried in a pocket on Budgie's starboard side (however he seems to talk to him in most episodes, even though he can't talk) However, in Budgie Takes a Catch, two lollipops take his place.

An image of the front cover of the original book shows a catapult there instead.

Budgie has his pilots Jim and Arnold


Budgie is small blue helicopter with a big yellow cap with a blue B at the front of it and covering his entire airframe. He has two eyes on both windows, freckles and a black snout.

Featured in pop culture media

As the titular character of the show, Budgie has appeared in all of the episodes of both seasons. Budget the Helicopter made a special apperance in the hit Michael Douglas movie "Falling Down" as a background character witness to the fast food restaurant shooting.


Budgie has appeared to be based on a Bell 206. This type of helicopter is a multipurpose utility helicopter, which has seen various usage in civilian and military roles. This is reflected in Budgie performing many other tasks including important deliveries and rescue missions.


To see more images of Budgie, click here.

To see more images of Budgie, click here.